The Science of Well-Being

Scientifically Proven Strategies, Tools and Techniques for Cultivating Greater Happiness and Well-Being

Research shows . . .

. . . that you can intentionally learn to cultivate greater happiness and well-being in your life. This is astoundingly good news! This means that wherever you are in your life, right now, you can learn scientifically proven strategies, tools and techniques to move the needle on your level of well-being and happiness. I will teach you how, and support you as you explore and develop new and deeper ways to live fully, with greater happiness, meaning and purpose, and infused with vitality and increased self-awareness.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, and HeartMath® Certified Coach and Trainer, I have many years of experience and success working with clients who are committed to transforming their lives for the better. I listen deeply to your concerns and objectives and together we form an alliance on your behalf as we create a strategy and a plan to help you move forward.

I love what I do and I adore my clients. It would be my great pleasure to help you cultivate a life that is indeed worth living — your life, right now.

“Bonnie helped me move forward, despite my fear, by encouraging me to tap into something that is bigger than fear—excitement, curiosity, passion. She helped me see the big picture and create space around a problem so that insights could arise. She was deeply committed to my success, even when I was filled with self-doubt.”

– Jay G.