Group Coaching

“Bonnie combines her coaching skills, knowledge, resources, humor, love and encouragement with a sense of authenticity that makes her a very unique and special person. Anyone considering hiring a life coach will benefit from a conversation with Bonnie to experience firsthand what I can’t convey in this brief recommendation.”

 —T. Robak Associates LLC, Executive & Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer

In addition to working one on one with clients, I also offer the opportunity for people to meet in small groups around a specific topic. Group coaching offers a special dynamic that supports participants in sharing with each other their successes and their challenges. I facilitate this process as both a participant and a coach. Topics are oriented around the positive psychology model of PERMA-V: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Vitality. For example, we may explore together ways to experience greater positivity in our lives, more self-compassion, deeper connections with others, finding greater purpose and more. I am also a HeartMath® Coach and Trainer and often bring those tools to the group coaching experience. Being coached in a group setting is often a wonderful way to expand on work we may do privately together, and it also invites those who have not worked with me one on one to experience the benefits of coaching in a way that is mutually supportive to all.

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